Restoring the Foundations of Western Civilization

An Exceptional Opportunity

Executive Summary

At EduPlex Interactive, Inc., we have the vision and means to revolutionize education worldwide via a mobile platform embedded in an innovative social networking technology that will reach hundreds of millions of users, and generate enormous revenues.  In partnership with key leaders and content providers, this platform will ultimately address all aspects of education from K-12 through college/university level, incorporating proven concepts that underlie freedom, financial acumen, entrepreneurship, thriving relationships, and other life skills.

We are looking for: people with a heart for truth and restoration to invest or donate toward our $1M+ goal to launch the program; content providers with life and heart-changing content; K-12 educators that understand how to reach the youth; team members; prayer support, and equally important, connections to people you know that might be interested in being a part of this project.  For more information, please feel free to contact us .

The Goal

EduPlex Interactive, Inc. is dedicated to creating a worldwide mobile education revolution using rapid market penetration with groundbreaking social networking tools.

The Problem

We all know western civilization is in serious trouble.  The hope of our future, our youth, is at risk. Their minds are being poisoned through increasingly secularized, ungodly influences from the media, government and education establishments that have turned away from teaching them the proven basis for economic, social, and spiritual freedom.  The consequent lack of understanding history, personal responsibility, creating wealth, principles of success, and properly understanding personal value have resulted in hopelessness, entitlement, and inability to fulfill human potential. 

A solution will not come from the establishment: they are committed to a worldview that denies the values and concepts that made western civilization great.  A solution will require a radically different model, an end run around the establishment, and an infusion of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Product Roadmap

We are seizing an opportunity to create the substantial revenues needed to fund an education revolution.  EduPlex has developed a patent-pending technology that will fuel an explosion of users in the social networking and mobile marketplace.  This free application with imbedded advertisements will be available on mobile and desktop platforms.  The product roadmap includes extensions for business and education use that combine high impact, engaging interactive multimedia course content with live video group or one-on-one interactions with other students and experts using our ground-breaking videoconferencing technology.

A rapidly growing array of course material based on the underlying values and concepts of Judeo-Christian civilization will be created. It will be initially geared to attract the modern youth, followed by a full range of courses for K-12 and college/university. Additional courses teaching financial acumen, entrepreneurship, thriving relationships, character and spiritual formation, leadership, and other critical life skills will be developed.

Revenue Projections

The revenue opportunity is massive: 1% market penetration will generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually.  If the product takes off exponentially as we expect, the revenues are much larger.  This can be put in motion with a very small initial investment of up to $3M.

A Route Not Taken

We have turned down Angel investment: VC’s and Angels are exclusively interested in the social networking product and not education, with the goal to cash out in 3 years.  We do not want to cash out:  we want to use the incredible revenues to build a powerful team of educators and content providers that understand and create the education revolution we seek.


Investors will receive significant returns via dividends, or selling stock. Donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt via our non-profit sister company, EduPlex Ministries, Inc.

Join Us!

Are you interested in joining with us?  We are looking for investors or donors with a heart for truth and restoration, content providers with life and heart-changing content, K-12 educators that understand how to reach the youth, team members, prayer support, and connections to people you know that might be interested in being a part of this project. Feel free to contact us


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