Introduction to Theology
On Being (even an amateur) Theologian
From: Sacred Saga Ministries, authored By M. James Sawyer, Ph.D.
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This course provides an introductory look at theological prolegomena i.e. issues that need to be understood when studying theology before looking at doctrinal content.  Included are lessons on examining the background tensions that underlie Systematic Theology, questions of epistemology, the sources and authority in theological study, as well a survey of the broad divisions of theological study.

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Dr. M. James Sawyer, (B.A., Biola University, Th.M., Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary) has taught Theology, Church History and Historical Theology for nearly thirty years. For eighteen years he served as Professor of Theology and Church History at Western Seminary’s Northern California extension. He currently serves as and as Director of Sacred Saga ministries ( He is the author of numerous articles and books including, The Survivor’s Guide to Theology, Taxonomic Charts of Theology and Biblical Studies, and Charles Augustus Briggs and Tensions in Late Nineteenth Century Theology. He is co-author of Reinventing Jesus with J. Ed Komoszewski and Daniel B. Wallace and co-editor of Who’s Afraid of the Holy Spirit?.  He has also created numerous on-line interactive classes for EduPlex Ministries including Freedom to Love Again (dealing with the topic of forgiveness) and Journey to Freedom (dealing with the effects of abuse).   Dr. Sawyer has broad ministry experience including: Youth for Christ; mission work in South America; teaching at Simpson College, San Jose Christian College/William Jessup University, A.W. Tozer Seminary, Evangelical Seminary of the Caribbean in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is also Visiting Professor at Kyiv Theological Seminary, Kiev Ukraine, Adjunct Professor at The Theological College in Star Zagora, Bulgaria, The Evangelical Seminary of the Pacific, Guam and Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary in Amman, Jordan. He is regularly involved with the “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” as well as being a frequent speaker in churches in Northern California. He serves on the board of Eduplex Ministries and on the board of COTARI ( The Christian Outreach, Training and Research Institute. In addition he has served on the board of the Bay Cities Bible Institute, the advisory boards of Christian Counseling International, Christus Nexus and Reclaiming the Mind Ministries. He also serves as a senior fellow for Christus Nexus.  He and his wife Kay have four sons and three granddaughters.


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