Sex, Food and God
Overcoming Temptation, Compusion and Addiction
From: BWGI Ministries, authored By David Eckman, Ph.D., M.Th., M.Div.
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Sex, Food & God has several goals. The first is that we learn how the addictive cycle works. This is the pattern that drive the two dozen plus addictive activities that people struggle with. As we learn that we also see how the addictive cycle can be taken apart piece by piece. To drive this truth home we will have eight different people tell their stories. These individuals will be interviewed singly and as a group. We will particularly address pornography, food, and alcohol addiction.
It is very important to listen carefully to the interviews and the group interviews because what those individuals have gone through will strike a common chord with all of us. Addiction is on a spectrum with preoccupation or compulsion about addictive behaviors, and succumbing to temptation. Their stories will help us with standing outside of our struggles and understanding ourselves better and our weaknesses better. Further, the stories will encourage us with the positive results that are now in their lives.

If you choose to work with a mentor, which is recommended, the truths that you are learning can become personalized for your life. In working with a mentor and following the strategies described a person struggling with an addictive behavior will be given the tools for success.

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We expect that the participant will go through the material thoughtfully. This will mean that the course should take a minimum of twenty hours and a maximum of forty. We strongly recommend that the book Sex, Food & God is ordered with the course; it can be done on online from This will add time to the course but is an integral part of it.

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The participant will interact with the mentor two times within the course for an hour apiece. Also interaction via messaging will occur at the end of each session with regards to the quiz and journaling or question answering.

About The Author...

David Eckman has been a pastor for sixteen years, a seminary vice president and professor for over twenty years. All and all he has been involved in active ministry for over thirty-five years. His great interest is how people are transformed by the truths of the Bible. 

His education is extensive. He has a bachelors in philosophy, a Master of divinity, a Master of Theology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy. He spent seven years studying at Oxford University in England working on his Ph.D. But again education is a means to an end, understanding and ministering to people, and not just the acquisition of knowledge.

He has authored many works some of which have been translated in other languages. He has written a commentary on the Minor Prophets of the Old Testament called Micah Through Malachi, and he has also contributed to the New King James Study Bible. He has written books on human behavior such as Creating a Healthy Family, Healthy Relationships, Becoming What God Intended: a Workbook for Spiritual Transformation, Becoming Who God Intended on how to understand emotions, Knowing the Heart of the Father, and the book this series is based on Sex Food & God.

David has spoken many, many times for Higher Power Services and recovery programs. By many he is considered to be an expert on how to address the issues of dysfunction and addiction. He has been leading a twenty year research project on family background and its influence on adult health and addictive behaviors. He has spoken on these subjects internationally in Europe, SE Asia, and North America.   For example, he has spoken in major universities in Beijing to students, graduate students, teachers and staff.

This is the second course that Dr. Eckman has created to be used on line. The previous one Spiritual Life Development is utilized literally all over the world.

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