The Expansion of Online Education
The Power of Life Change
From: EduPlex Ministries, authored By Steve Wilson, EduPlex Director of Courseware Development
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Envisioned as a Galactic Network in 1962 and later as the “ARPANET,” the Internet as we know it today has changed how we view and deliver educational content.

The Expansion of Online Education chronicles the beginning stages of the Internet’s organic and collaborative development and documents current Internet usage including trends in mobile computing and the Internet’s exponential growth around the world.  The course addresses how search engines, wikis, social networking and formal education all provide end users with content, and describes how each of these are harnessed for their educational potential.  Included are tips on how to use your least favorite Internet educational tool.  The course also covers the emergence of EduPlex as a leader in online education with distinctives such as dynamic content and relational, mentor-based courses.  

This introductory course features audio, video, quizzes and exams to demonstrate how these various tools can be used in a (virtual) online classroom.  In addition, students who enroll in Introduction to the EduPlex Courseware Platform will be given all of the raw material in order to build The Expansion of Online Education as a demo course to practice and refine their course-building skills.

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Course Author Steve Wilson serves as the Director of Courseware Development for EduPlex.  He graduated from the University of California, Irvine and has more than 15 years of educational experience in churches, non-profits and online.  He and his family make their home in the Boulder area of Colorado.

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