Introduction to the EduPlex Courseware Platform
Authoring System Hands-On Tutorial
From: EduPlex Ministries, authored By Steve Wilson, EduPlex Director of Courseware Development
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Introduction to the EduPlex Courseware Platform provides tools, tips and resources which will enable authors to create and market high-impact courses for students all over the world.

With the exponential global growth of the Internet, content providers are growing increasingly frustrated with the process of posting content online and hoping that end users experience life change.  Existing and potential authors are now discovering a powerful new platform - EduPlex - to present their content online through interactive, relational courses featuring a combination of text, images, video, audio, quizzes and exams.  Our unique Multi-Interactive video conferencing system also enables powerful course mentoring, including relational group exercises.

This comprehensive introduction course features eight lessons covering authoring principles and fundamentals in the system.  Potential authors will watch videos and screencasts and learn how to:
• navigate through the platform
• create a new course
• build a course outline
• add video and audio pages
• upload images into the system
• build standard and interactive quizzes
• create a written exam
• create dynamic content that can change depending on how a student answers questions on a quiz
• set the price for the course

The course details the four levels of partnership available for Authors seeking to create courses in the EduPlex system.  Also featured are tools for marketing a course, and instructions on how to create a free course preview.

There are two ways to take Introduction to the EduPlex Courseware Platform.  One is to take the course simply to learn how the system works.  This will give you an excellent comprehension of the basic system capabilities, and enable you to create content targeting the use of the unique system features, or enable you to make an informed decision about using the system for your organization.

The other approach is to take the course with the goal of becoming an EduPlex author.  During the course, you will apply for an authoring account by submitting an application to EduPlex.  Once you have your authoring account status (and optionally your private label website), you will create a sample course, using the step-by-step instructions and content files provided within the course.

We recommend you also take the free course The Expansion of Online Education, featured in the EduPlex Free Courses Catalog, to familiarize yourself with the course you will be creating.
For more information, click on the Course Outline link.

With videos, screencasts, step-by-step instructions and helpful recommendations, Introduction to the EduPlex Courseware Platform is a dynamic, comprehensive course that equips authors to create and market dynamic, life-changing courses for students worldwide.

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All the required content for the course The Expansion of Online Education is included with the course, such as text, images, and video clips.

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About The Author...

Course Author Steve Wilson serves as the Director of Courseware Development for EduPlex.  He graduated from the University of California, Irvine and has more than 15 years of educational experience in churches, non-profits and online.  He and his family make their home in the Boulder area of Colorado.

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This course does not offer credit, however, we strongly recommend any author using the system to go through this course.  This will answer most of your questions on how to use the authoring system.

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