Who is God, Really?
The Triune God: The Mystery of Relationship
From: EduPlex Ministries, authored By M. James Sawyer, Ph.D.
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We reveal our beliefs about God every hour of every day, whether we know it or not.

Some of us believe God is a genie in a bottle who exists to give us what we want. Others of us believe God is an angry judge, and we try to hide from Him (in the garden, in the back row of the church, or somewhere else) whenever we do something wrong.

False views of God are hardly new. Throughout history key people of influence have spread wrong views of God that continue to influence us today.

Is God distant? Is He singular, or three-in-one?  And what does “Trinity” even mean?

In “Who is God, Really?” Dr. M. James Sawyer unpacks material from the popular novel The Shack™ and explains truths about the God of the Bible.  In this course you will learn:

1. several popular beliefs about God and ways they influence our attitudes and actions.
2. the historical roots of our different views of God.
3. major people of influence in history and how their views of God persists in culture today.
4. how smaller misunderstandings about God can influence an entire movement.
5. how the disconnection between “head” and “heart” can erode our relationship with God.
6. how the traditional view of the universe as a giant “clock” has been turned upside down by modern scientists and theologians.
7. that God is Trinity and what that means.
8. how God revealed his triune nature through His Son, Jesus Christ.

If references to the Trinity were removed from all Christian books, most books would remain unchanged. This reality is a failure of the modern church.  The implications of this failure – and what we can do about it – are unpacked in this course.

Understanding who God really is has the power to transform our lives every single day.  In this course you will discover the true, three-in-one God who loves you and invites you into relationship with Him.

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The course consists of four lessons. The course takes approximately 12-16 hours to complete.

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About The Author...

M. James Sawyer, Ph.D. is Director of Sacred Saga Ministries (sacredsaga.org).  He has been a professor of Systematic and Historical theology for twenty-five years.  In addition to his classroom experience he has written several books including The Survivor's Guide to Theology, Taxonomic Charts on Theological and Biblical Studies,  Reinventing Jesus (co-authored with Daniel B. Wallace and J. Ed Komoszewski) and co-edited Who's Afraid of the Holy Spirit? (with Daniel B. Wallace).  He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, The American Academy of Religion, and the Society for Biblical Literature. 

Jim is a visiting Professor at The Theological College in Sofia Bulgaria, and at Pacific Islands Seminary in Guam, a well as Adjunct Professor at A. W. Tozer Seminary and Koinonia Graduate School of Theology.  He also serves on the board of Eduplex Ministries and on the Advisory Committee of Koinonia Graduate School of Theology.  Jim is married to Kay and has four adult sons and three granddaughters.  

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