Becoming What God Intended: Foundations
A Transformational Spiritual Life Course
From: BWGI Ministries, authored By David Eckman, Ph.D., M.Th., M.Div.
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"Becoming What God Intended: Foundations" presents the crucial first eight chapters of the Book of Romans. The course locates those chapters within the entire book of Romans, and then it develops the specific content of that first section.

The course is not preoccupied with what we should know or do but it is occupied with the Biblical process of changing our inner life: our inner world of emotions, imagination, instincts, and desires or appetites. It will describe how God has abandoned humanity to its own insides: its appetites, emotions, and limited and false thinking. It will go on to show how all of that can be radically changed by understanding our Identity with Christ and our wonderful new relationship with God the Father. In the process it will show to change our appetites to godly ones, change our oppressive moods with the fruit of the Spirit, and change our limited selfish thinking to reflect the thoughts of Christ.

The course develops the three core values of Romans: a guilt free environment (chapter 3), a worthwhile relationship (chapter 5), and a new Identity (chapter 6). This will bring a new freshness and innocence into the life of the believer. This course is then followed by "Integrations" and "Applications."

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The student who is being mentored will meet in a teleconference three times with the teacher.

About The Author...

David Eckman has had a rich and varied career. He has pastored for sixteen years in two different churches in California. He has been a seminary vice president and is presently an Associate Professor for Western Seminary where he teaches Hebrew and Spiritual Formation. He has lectured in North America, SE Asia, and Europe on the spiritual life particularly for Campus Crusade.

Of particular interest he leads what is called the "Beijing Project" that is training psychology professors and mental health workers in the 26 universities in Beijing plus another twenty schools. This project is being extended to other major cities through out China.

His education is extensive. He has a Ph.D. in Old Testament and Hebrew from Golden Gate Seminary, and a Master of Theology in Bible from the same institution. Further, his Master of Divinity is from San Francisco Baptist Seminary, and he has a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies from Houghton College in Western New York. In addition, he worked for seven years at Oxford University in England on his dissertation with Professor James Barr and other Oxford scholars. His education has a unique scope to it.

He has authored more than a dozen books. Also he has prepared training programs for a number of institutions. Some of his books have been translated into other languages including Chinese.

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This course along with parts 2 and 3 can be taken for CEUs with the Association of Christian Schools International.

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