Becoming What God Intended: Foundations
A Transformational Spiritual Life Course
From BWGI Ministries, authored by David Eckman, Ph.D., M.Th., M.Div.

Course Outline
1 The Collapse of Identity
          Romans 1 describes how humanity has rejected a personal knowledge of God and lost a knowledge of what it means to be human.
2 Course Introduction
          The person taking the course needs to understand how his or her family background has influenced how they understand who they are, who God is, and how they view the world.
3 The Collapse of Religion and Relationships
          Losing a personal knowledge of what it means to be human, humanity also lost the ability to be moral and to sustain relationships.
4 Guilt Free Environment Part 1
          Romans 3 desrcibes how a person can be righteous before God through the Satisfaction that Christ has provided.
5 A Worthwhile Relationship
          Romans 5 tells us what we are worth to God. We are worth a Son to Him.
6 Our New Identity
          God sees us in a different way than we see ourselves. As we look at ourselves through His eyes we step into health.
7 The New Power
          This lecture teaches how our New Identity in Christ in a living relationship with God the Father results in true spiritual power to deal with sin within.
8 The Collapse of the Law
          Our hearts are designed to only have one true focus, and that is God the Father. We cannot focus on religious performance and God; Romans 7 says that makes for a spiritual disaster.
9 The Center of All - Trinitarian Love
          Romans 8 gives the motivation behind everything.


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