Authoring FAQ's

What does it cost?
We offer our courseware development and hosting service for FREE in exchange for the right to distribute your courses free to developing world students.  There are several other partnership options for those who don't have the time to author their own courses.

Who can be an author?
Anyone that has material that they have used to communicate to others, such as books, sermons, courses, seminars, audio or video.

Do I have to use multimedia?
No, you can create courses as simple as you like.  Keep in mind that students are less interested in text-only courses, and the impact is significantly reduced.

Can I get help marketing my course?
Yes.  All of our partners have access to our master course catalog.  Make your course attractive by using multimedia, images, graphics, interactive quizzes, mentoring, and dynamic content to increase retention, impact, and learning.  More partners will offer your course on their website if your course has these type of features.  In addition, a reseller receives a fee when selling your course, as incentive to add your course to their course catalog.

Do you offer any support?
Yes!  There are 4 distinct partnership relationships you can choose from, starting with doing it yourself to having us do it all for you!

In addition, we offer free access to a library of clip art and photos, and do all of the multimedia processing for you - for free.  Just supply us the video clips and audio clips used in your course.  We also provide extensive help resources, and suggestions for various low-cost or free tools.  Finally, the authoring system uses a WYSIWYG editor for content entry or pasting from existing documents.

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Learn the System!
The best way to learn how easy it is to build a course on EduPlex is to take the course Introduction to the EduPlex Courseware Platform.  This is a step-by-step training to create your first course on the system!
Individual Sign-Up
As an individual contributor your course will be placed in the master catalog of courses, and can be included in the course catalog by any of our partner institutions. Sign up for a FREE Individual Contributor account.

Institutional Sign-Up
If you wish to have your own private label education site, sign up for a FREE institutional account.  Once the account is set up, your label administrator can create course author accounts.  Institution authors can then begin to create courses.

How it Works


Course Rating System
Each course listing in the course catalog includes icons that indicate how much multimedia and other interactive content is included.  Each course is also rated by students, and the ratings will be consistently higher for coached courses with more multimedia and interactive content.  That’s why we suggest that course authors use multimedia and other interactive content.  Your course rating will determine how many people take your course, how much income you will receive, and the impact you will have on the world.

"EduPlex is simple to use, and delivers a sophisticated product. The EduPlex staff was so helpful and involved throughout the entire project. The free clip art really added to the visual impact of my course. I would highly recommend using EduPlex!" Ashley Pikel, course author
Expand Your Audience
If you have educational materials you use to teach classes or seminars, why not put it on the web?  This can expand your audience, and bring in some extra cash.  If your course content is considered valuable by our other partners, they will also sell it for you on their websites, giving you a wide distribution channel for your educational material.

Free Course Authoring
As a representative of an organization, you can set up an institutional account, and author courses to be sold through your own free private label education site, as well as by our partners.  EduPlex is your online education partner if:
  • You want to create a course  using your unique message
  • You own the content you plan to use in the course
  • You don't want to spend any money: your investment is your time OR you would like us to help you  create the course with our in-house courseware development team 
  • You want to earn some income from your course
  • You want to help bring high quality education for heart and mind to the internet

View a Sample Private Label
A private label is a set of pages with your logo and color scheme, attached to your website - free for all authors.  You sell your course and any other course you select from our master catalog on this site, and earn commissions.  Check out a sample Private Label.  Only the public pages are shown in this example.  Additional pages are added to the menu when a student logs in.

Why Multimedia?
There are plenty of dull, text-only courses available on the internet.  EduPlex is not particularly interested in such courses.  We are interested in increasing the impact of the online learning experience by providing courses with multimedia, interactive and dynamic content, preferably using relational education via coach-student-student video conference and social network interactions online.     

For Pastors
For small churches, using the system as a leadership training and spiritual growth resource will help you apply Biblical training and education effectively in your leaders and members.

For larger churches, consider the benefits of a greatly expanded ministry by converting your vast library of recorded material into online courses.  Our outreach to the developing world will give you a worldwide impact.

For more information about using EduPlex in your church, visit our pastor's page.

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