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We offer a small number of courses at no charge to demonstrate our online education system.  These are normally short, and do not offer a coaching option.

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Free Course Catalog
New Student Orientation 
What You Need to Know Before You Start Your Course by EduPlex Ministries
From 5 Student RatingsVideoAudioCoachedInteractiveDynamic Content
Welcome to the future in online education: a revolutionary approach that combines powerful, interactive multimedia-rich content with personal interaction with other students and your small group facilitator.  This brief orientation tells you what you need to know about the system as you begin your course. Published 12/16/2009

Journey to Freedom 
Releasing the Past by EduPlex Ministries
From 5 Student RatingsVideoAudioCoachedInteractiveDynamic Content
This course addresses the hurts and addictions that chain us down and the healing we can receive as an accepted and loved child of God.  When abuse occurs verbally, physically, sexually or spiritually, it typically results in entrenched feelings of fear, guilt and shame.  When damage is left unaddressed it can lead to repeated cycles of frustration, failure or addiction.  This course expands on themes of healing in the popular novel The Shack. Published 11/6/2009

Freedom to Love Again 
Defeating the #1 Killer of Relationships by EduPlex Ministries
From 9 Student RatingsVideoAudioCoachedInteractiveDynamic Content
When others hurt us, abuse us or commit crimes against us, where is God in all of this and how do we find the freedom to love again?  This course addresses the theme of forgiveness in The Shack™ and highlights the three distinct types of forgiveness (commonly taught as one).  The course also teaches common forgiveness myths, the dangers of premature forgiveness and explains how to experience true freedom from those who have hurt us. Published 9/21/2009

The Expansion of Online Education 
The Power of Life Change by EduPlex Ministries
From 6 Student RatingsVideoAudioCoachedInteractiveDynamic Content

Reviews key historical events from the invention of the Internet to its current widely available graphically based implementation, including the explosive growth of education online.  Investigates the four most common ways to learn on the Internet today, and provides hints for how to improve your use of your least favorite Internet tool for learning. Published 4/10/2009

Who is God, Really? 
The Triune God: The Mystery of Relationship by EduPlex Ministries
From 1 Student RatingsVideoAudioCoachedInteractiveDynamic Content
If references to the Trinity were removed from all Christian books, most books would remain unchanged. This reality is a failure of the modern church. Understanding who God really is has the power to transform lives, and in this course you will discover the true God of the Bible as Trinity, what that means, and how the truth of His identity can change history – and your life. Published 7/8/2010

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