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EduPlex Launches a New Company!

EduPlex Ministries, Inc
. has divested itself of the burden of technology development for the EduPlex System, and has launched a new company, EduPlex Interactive, Inc. to carry on the technology development and market to the business, education, and government markets.  EduPlex Ministries will focus on courseware development and partnerships with content developers that facilitates spirital formation, while EduPlex Interactive will focus on general education, including character development, leadership training and personal growth for positive cultural change worldwide.  Read More...

Interactive Online Courses Available NOW!

This high-impact life-changing course shows how to forgive to regain the freedom to love and be loved.  More...
A unique series that develops spiritually-rich instincts in the student's heart for an abundant life of peace, and freedom.  More...
A powerful course for dealing with addiction and  temptation by replacing unhealthy beliefs with a new identity.  More... A powerful course dealing with abuse.  Discover the path to freedom from the past and a life of joy and happiness.  More...

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