Institutional Accounts
Institutional accounts are for organizations with a main website that would like to partner with EduPlex Ministries.  A private label education site will be created for your organization that can be connected to your main website via a special link or button code we will provide.  Two account types are offered:

Authoring Account
Allows you to manage your private label education site, as well as create courses to offer via your site.  You will also be able to sell courses offered by our other partners.

Reseller Account
This account does not require that any courses be created, but allows you to manage your private label education site and sell courses via the site.

Individual Author
This account type is for course authors that do not wish to have a private label website to sell courses.  Thus, an individual author works under the EduPlex banner.  Courses created by such an author can be offered on the EduPlex site, as well as any partner site that decides to offer your courses.  To sign up for an individual account click here.

Before signing up...
We recommend that you first take one or more of our free courses to explore how the course system operates and to get an idea of what it takes to create your own course.  If you have any technical or other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Author Requirements
We required that you read our statement of faith, and agree to not undermine or contradict our beliefs in any courses you create.

View a Sample Private Label
Note that the home button goes to their home page, not ours.  Return here using your browser back button: Private Label

Read our Statement of Faith

Institutional Account Request

Institutional accounts are for organizations with a main website that would like to partner with EduPlex Ministries.

Fill out the form below and click on the Send Request button.  All fields are required.  We recommend you set up a student account by clicking on Login (top right) before filling out this form.

Institutional Account Request
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If you wish to only offer courses created by EduPlex and its other partners, enter Reseller Account in the field above.
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