Church FAQ's

How can my church use EduPlex?

1. Spiritual Growth
By offering your congregation selected courses on our system, you can help them to grow spiritually, and in many cases, trigger spiritual formation and life change that significantly impacts the member's life.

2. Leadership Training
Your core leadership team is always a fertile area for growth.  By requiring a set of courses on various important topics, you can ensure that your leader-ship team is all on the same page, and share the same Biblical tools for their work in the church.

Small Groups are Key
Select mentored courses to ensure that the students actually learn the material.  Our relational course system will prevent cramming, a common cause for ineffective learning.

3. Create Your Own Courses
If you have classes for new members, training for small group leaders, or a set of sermon series, you can turn these into online courses that can reduce your work and ensure a consistant learning experience over time.  Rather than teaching a class, your mature members can coach the students online.

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Church Sign-Up
Sign up for a FREE institutional account, and get your own church education site!  Once the account is set up, you can create course author accounts, and select courses appropriate for your congregation from our master catalog.  If you have staff or congragational members who can create courses, they can begin creating as soon as their author accounts are set up.

How it Works


Sermon Series into Courses
Most churches have a vast resource of recorded sermons, and sometimes even classes.  These can, and often are offered on the church website as video or audio downloads.  And this is a great way to increase your outreach.

Converting to a course format with multiple educational modes will increase the power and impact of your material, increase its use, and more powerfully impact student's lives.  Use the mature members of your congregation as course coaches to maximize the impact.
Building the
Body of Christ
Close to the heart of every pastor is the desire to see spiritual formation and maturity in his congregation.  EduPlex offers a wide variety of courses for just that purpose.  Courses include topics on leadership training, Biblical studies, and spiritual formation.  By including our education system as part of your church website, you can offer courses of your choice to your congregation and leadership team.  Let us help you grow the spiritual maturity of your congregation!

Leadership Training
Using our coached, relational courses, you can be sure that your leadership team actually learns the course material, and applies it to their personal life.  Course cramming is not possible, because interactions with the life coach are required at various key points during the course.

Free Course Authoring
If you or your staff have teaching materials that can be turned into courses, consider also authoring courses for your church.  These courses can also be used by other churches, and can thus bring in some extra income for your church. 

Do you train new menbers on a regular basis?  Why not put the teaching material for that training into a new members course, and have several of your mature members act as course coaches?  This will free you and your staff up for other tasks.

Create Some Extra Income
All non-profit organizations need cash.  When you sell a course on your website, you get a commission.  If you or our other partners sell your courses, you get even more income.  EduPlex is a great way to bring in some extra income for your church.

Our system includes a feature that allows you to customize the course so that members from your church see information specific to your church, while at the same time shows general information to students from other churches.  Thus, you can create courses specifically targeted to your church, and also offer it for use by other churches. 
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