About FREE* Video Conferencing

All conferences on the our educational system use our unique Video Conferencing System (VCS).  Unless you are a "techie" you may find video conferencing systems in general complex and daunting to use.  This is because most vendors selling conferencing are in a feature war with their competitors, and while features are nice to have, they also mean a more complex interface is required to give the user access to all the nice features.

Depending on the course, conferences with your mentor, coach, virtual group leader, facilitator or fellow students may be personal (one on one), or may be with a small group.  Group conferences can be especially valuable because of the interactions you can experience between the facilitator and other students, in addition to your own interactions.

We have taken a very different approach:  ease of use is our #1 focus.  Thus, you will find that our video conferencing system is so easy to use that it only requires the use of a single button to operate!  Yes, you can also type in text messages if you want, but that is optional.  So, like the famous Staples "That Was Easy" button, your experience using our unique conferencing system will also be incredibly easy.  Use the Webcam Setup applicaton below!

Multiple Participation Modes

You can participate in a conference or event in a number of different ways.  The best is by video.  This requires a webcam.  If you don't have one, consider buying one.  We suggest a low-cost, high-quality webcam in the panel to the right that includes both the camera and a built-in microphone.

One of the nice things about our conferencing system is that you don't need headphones, and there will never be a problem with echos, or multiple people talking at the same time, or an overload of your computer or Internet connection:  we only show 1 video at a time - the person actually talking.  Sounds simple, and it is.  So, use your speakers if you want, or headphones for privacy.

Of course you can participate without a webcam.  You will see the video and hear the audio from the facilitator and/or other students, and, if you have a microphone, you can use it to talk to the rest of the group.  If you have neither a webcam nor a microphone, then you will see and hear the facilitator and other students, but you will only be able to send text messages.

For best results and greatest learning experience, use a webcam!

Technical Requirements

In order to view video in a video conference, you will need a download speed of 256kbs or higher.  If you are planning to use video for your end of the conversation, your upload speed must also be 256kbs or higher.  If you plan to use only audio, then 56kbs upload` is acceptable.  Under no circumstances should you attempt to connect if your internet connection is not fast enough for the the download side.

Social Networking by Video

In addition to using the conferencing system for course-related discussions and exercises, students that purchase courses also have the ability to create their own video conferences with other students on the system.  This gives you an incredible opportunity to build relationships with other students.  This opportunity for building long-lasting relationships will be dramatically enhanced by your joint experience with the course mentor or coach if you choose a course with coaching or mentoring.  Use this opportunity to build your social network!

Got a Webcam?  Set It Up For Conferencing Here!

Click the Camera Setup button below to set up your webcam and test it to make sure it will work with our VCS.

*VCS conference participation is free for all students with an account on our system.  Only those who purchase or author a course can set up conferences by inviting account holders to a scheduled conference.
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