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Freedom to Love Again
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Freedom to Love Again is part 1 of a series of five life transforming courses that uses the powerful truths in the book The Shack™, but also goes beyond The Shack.  Each course in the series is designed to bring powerful high impacting truths to the life of the student.  For many it will be a discovery of new insights that result in a profoundly new way to think and act.  The results of acting on these deeply spiritual truths are nothing less than spectacular.  The best way to experience these truths is to discuss them with others on their journey by registering for the optional small group sessions.

Course 1 - Freedom to Love Again
                     Defeating the #1 Killer of Relationships

This course is designed for anyone who has felt the sting of broken relationships, and explains how to experience and maintain the freedom to love.  When others hurt us, abuse us or commit crimes against us, it is very common to want revenge, withhold love, or lash back in a hurtful manner.  But in doing so, we fall into a trap and hurt ourselves in the process.  The number one killer of love is our failure to forgive people after they have wronged us.  This course addresses the universal theme of everyman’s need to forgive and to be forgiven.  The insights and multimedia interactions in this course are designed to greatly enhance a person’s sense of well being with God and others.

The benefits of this course include answers and solutions for the following: 

Will God forgive me?  Are my actions forgiveable?
The three types of forgiveness – are you using all of them to your advantage?  Unbelieveable real life stories of people successfully using these principles
Common myths about forgiveness – It is not what you think it is! Are you prey to them?
The dangers of premature forgiveness – Are you enabling offenders to repeat their acts?
Answers to common questions about who can be forgiven
What about dictators who slaughter millions of people? How should they be viewed?
Deeply moving excerpts from the life of Wm. Paul Young – author of The Shack™

Student Comments:  "I really liked the interaction with the other students on the conference call and was surprised at how fast a bond began and people started opening up."  "I liked the fact that there were seasoned staff on the call to ask the questions and keep the group on track."

Special Introductory Price!
          Basic Course $19 (normally $39)
          Course with 1 unit Association of Christians Schools International (ACSI) CEU $49

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Student Review
I though I understood pretty well about forgiveness, but took the course anyway.  Perhaps I could help make it better!  Oops.  I discovered that there were several myths about forgiveness that were too close to my beliefs for comfort.  Probably the most important thing I learned is the difference between types of forgiveness, and a much better understanding of forgiveness and restoration of relationships:  when it is OK to restore a relationship and when it is not.  This course really exposes some deeply held and taught misunderstandings on forgiveness that can really mess you over.  Thank you for helping me to overcome the myths and false teaching that were causing me issues and preventing me from being freed from the past!  It is amazing how you can be released from pain and negative emotions by discovering the truth about forgiveness!  Definitely a course worth taking.  I think anyone could benefit from this course."

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Eduplex has created five "life transforming" courses using The Shack as a springboard for deeper discussion and reflection around the great universal themes of God and human suffering