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Becoming What God Intended  Course Series
Becoming What God Intended is a 3-course series that develops the three core values of the first eight chapters of the Book of Romans to develop spiritually rich instincts in the student's heart.  Are you living your Christian life with inner turmoil, guilt and worthlessness? Get this one-of-a-kind online course that presents some of the most empowering and liberating concepts from the New Testament.  Experience an abundant life of love, joy and peace like you never have before!  Apply these truths to ministry, discipleship, and the struggle with temptation, compulsion, and addiction.

*PrerequisiteBecoming What God Intended: Foundations

Course 2 - Becoming What God Intended:

A Transformational Spiritual Life Course

    The real benefits of this highly acclaimed course are:

  • Discover a deeply affectionate relationship with God!
  • Feel like you don’t have to perform to earn God’s Love!
  • Live your life in joyful gratitude!

Integration develops an instinctive response to the truths presented in Foundations, leading to a deeply positive emotional life for the student.  The issue of "performance religiosity" is exposed and deeply challenged, freeing the student to be heart-motivated by the love, joy, and peace of the Holy Spirit.

Dr. David Eckman, seminary professor, international conference speaker and popular author of Becoming Who God Intended and Knowing the Heart of the Father is the course coach and mentor.

“David Eckman isolates the issues people have and gives solutions in a way that's fresh and profoundly biblical. I strongly urge you to purchase this course and put it to work in your life." -- Josh McDowell, author of More Than a Carpenter and dozens of other books and resources.

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