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Sex, Food & God
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Sex, Food & God Course
How to Addiction-Proof Your Life and Family  MUST SEE Video Preview

Sex, Food & God teaches how to addiction-proof our lives and our families.  The course powerfully shows through six stories, solid Bible teaching and captivating vignettes how temptation, compulsion, and addiction works, and shows where liberation from addiction is found.  Freedom is found in discovering a new set of powerful instincts and emotions that controls and drives out the instincts and unhealthy emotions of temptation, compulsion, and addiction.

Addictive behaviors such as internet pornography, marijuana, cutting, smoking, alcohol, sexual immorality, and others are examined by telling the stories of six women and men.  With each story a part of the spiritual solution to temptation, compulsion and addiction is presented. In addition, a dramatic or comedic vignette forcefully drives home a truth.  Addictions follow a pattern known as the addictive cycle.  In this course students will discover keys to dismantling this cycle through developing elements of a vibrant spiritual life.

In this course you will meet Sasha (addicted to pornography), Scott (addicted to cutting), Kimberly (bulimic), Nathan (addicted to drugs and pornography), Heidi (sexual addiction), and Camille (family dysfunction and addiction).  Each story is powerfully told and teaches the addiction cycle and addiction equation, and explains how the truth of God as a sympathetic and understanding Father breaks through our dysfunction and brings healing and hope.

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          Course with professional mentoring $250

Available January 2010   Course Details     Video Preview
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