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Journey to Freedom
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Journey to Freedom is part 2 of a series of five life transforming courses that develop the powerful truths in the book The Shack™, but also goes beyond The Shack.  Each course in the series is designed to bring powerful high impact truths to the life of the student. For many it will be a discovery of new insights that result in a profoundly new way to think and act.  The results of acting on these deeply spiritual truths are spectacular and life-lasting.  The best way to experience these truths is to register for the optional small group sessions.  Within these sessions you will have the opportunity to discuss with others their journey towards personal abundance..

Course 2 - Journey to Freedom
                     Releasing the Past

Are you living with a “great sadness” because of how others treated you?  When abuse is experienced, whether it be verbal, physical, sexual or even spiritual, it can result in entrenched feelings of fear, guilt and shame.  If left unaddressed, abuse sets the victim up for repeated cycles of frustration, failure and addiction.  Abuse can even happen in a church, at school or on the job.  In this course, the author expands on the themes found from a study of The Shack™ by providing hope and healing for the hurts of our lives.

You’ll be thrilled with the insights and answers provided in these three lessons that provide keys to an abundant life.  These are the benefits that you will receive from this course:

- Clearly identify the 9 types of abuse and their devastating effects
- Why spiritual abuse happens more in some churches than in others
- Why abuse can lead to different types of addiction
- Why Jesus' view of God the Father changes everything
- Effective ways to overcome shame, guilt and feelings of unworthiness
- How to identify abuse and its influence in your life
- Real life stories of people impacted by abuse
- Hear the deeply touching story of William P. Young’s childhood of abuse Experience God’s
  unconditional love for you, regardless of your past
- How to develop a new identity that releases the chains of the past
- How adoption by God releases you to pursue a future of joy, peace, and success

This course will be a great encouragement to you and others in your life!

Special Introductory Price!
          Basic Course $19 (normally $39)
          Course with 1 unit Association of Christians Schools International (ACSI) CEU $49

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Student Reviews
 "This journey into your past, present, and future is a profound and discovery based exploration that exposes betrayal and trust and the intimacy lost and the healing that can be gained. The limit and depth of the study is determined by the student's honesty and participation." 
 "This was a very good course and helps uncover a lot of deep issues.  I would have liked to see more material that deal with uncovering hidden presuppositions which shape what we believe and how those presuppositions can adversely affect relationships to others and to God, as well as images we hold of ourselves."

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Eduplex has created five "life transforming" courses using The Shack as a springboard for deeper discussion and reflection around the great universal themes of God and human suffering.