Welcome to the Future of Video Conferencing!

EduPlex Connect* is a radically new LOW COST video conferencing system that will change your thinking!  We eliminate the common problems with internet-based conferencing and deliver a superior conferencing experience!  It is the BEST Video Conferencing Experience on the web!

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Benefits and Features:

  • Best video conferencing experience on the web!
  • Large, high quality video for all participants!
  • Full video interaction for all participants (audio only and text only participants also supported)
  • Automatic discussion flow control for professional, focused and efficient meetings
  • Host/facilitator overrides for manual control of meeting flow
  • Open seating option to expand your account for special situations
  • Web-based:  no software required
  • Inexpensive, simple and easy to use one-button interface  Pricing...
  • Saves travel time and expense: you don't need to go anywhere to meet!
  • Global access with encryption-capable audio/video streaming
  • Reduced bandwidth fallback capability
  • Record/archive/download meetings for playback by people who could not attend
  • Attach documents for attendee review
  • Run one or more presentations with transitions
  • Combine with online education courses
  • Supports hundreds of attendees
  • Audio alerts allow you to focus on the video camera rather than the interface
  • Voting and polling support
  • Automatic speaker identification
  • Personal privacy when not speaking:  you are only visible when talking
  • Undivided attention when you are speaking:  other attendees are not visible, focus is on you
  • Proxy Server support

*Patent Pending Technology

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