Account Options and Pricing

EduPlex Connect offers many options for occasional users, consumers, and business:

  • 30-Day Free Trial: Test out our system with our special offer!  30 days, 8 seats, and 25 seat-hours!  Sign Up Now!
  • PrePay:  This approach is great for occasional users.  Plus, you can use PrePay to add seats to your account when you have a special meeting that requires more conference room seats than your account includes (Open Seating and PrePay Boost).  Volume discounts are available.
  • Consumer:  These basic accounts give you unlimited video conferencing at a very low monthly cost for families and friends.
  • Business:  These unlimited single-host accounts include popular features desired for business use, and allow up to 50 attendees
  • Business Deluxe:  These multi-host accounts add many useful features for larger businesses that have multiple groups or departments that will be using the system independently of the master account.  Unlimited number of sub-accounts can be created, and groups can be defined by the master account holder.  Resources, such as corporate presentations and documents can be shared between hosts.
  • Enterprise Accounts:  These are deluxe accounts for larger businesses, and offer great volume discount pricing!
Feature PrePay Consumer Business
(Single Host)
Business Deluxe
(Multi Host)
(Multi Host)
Purchase/Subscribe Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
PrePay Seat-Hours rate $0.50
      Contact Us for
Interactive WebCasts
Monthly Unlimited Conferences Subscription   $9.99/4 seats
$14.95/6 seats
$19.95/8 seats
$29.95/8 seats
$44.95/15 seats
$59.95/25 seats
$99.95/50 seats
$44.95/8 seats
$69.95/15 seats
$99.95/25 seats
$169.95/50 seats
$299 up
(Inquire )
Volume or Year Rate Discount up to 50% 17% 17% 17% 17%
Maximum Attendees*
(more with Open Seating and PrePay Boost)
50 4 to 8 8 to 50 8 to 50 100 to 1000
*Open Seating (add more attendees via PrePay)
Video Attendee Privacy
Only on camera when speaking
Storage Included (GB) 2 2 to 4 4 to 8 4 to 8 6 to 16
Additional Storage Option
Unlimited meetings (1 at a time)    
Unlimited meetings to seat limit (Multi-Host)      
Free, Unlimited Sub-Accounts      
PrePay Boost (Boost Seating via PrePay Seats)  
Box Office (Event Ticket Sales)   soon soon soon
Multiple Facilitators in single meeting      
Secure Meetings (Encryption)    
Document Sharing with Attendees    
Presentations with Transitions    
Attendee Presentation Resizing    
Laser Pointer     soon soon soon
Whiteboard     soon soon soon
Resource Library    
Resource Packages    
Defined Groups for Resource Sharing       soon soon
Resource & Package Sharing (groups, individuals)       soon soon
Activity/Attendee Registration Reports    
Email Invitation Lists    
Attendee Registration Options       soon soon
Reserved Seating    
Private Labeling/Launch
from your site
      soon soon
Conference Recording/Download
Streaming Recordings > 8 hr > 8 - 16 hr > 16 - 32 hr > 16 - 32 hr > 24 - 64 hr
Full video participation for all attendees
Large, high quality, high frame rate video
Bandwidth Control
Automatic Conversation
Flow Control
Facilitator Conversation Flow Manual Override
Voting/Polling Support
Proxy Server Support
Simple, Single Button Interface
Text Chat Disable
Audio Event Alerts
Absolutely NO HEADPHONES required!
Automatic Speaker Identification
Full Screen Video Mode soon soon soon soon soon
No Software to Install

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